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About P.D.Jackson

Stories shape our identities and influences our worldview. My desire is to inspire children around the world to understand how connected we all are to each other and to our planet. I have been writing since I was a young child, however kept my writing hidden, underneath my bed for my eyes only. Until now….


I began my career as a concert pianist and travelled around the world playing with orchestras and performing as a chamber musician. I enjoyed my career, however felt increasingly compelled to pursue graduate studies and work in education. My travels took me around the globe where I saw a great deal of social inequality. I wanted to make a difference and initiate some sort of social change. After my doctoral degree in Education, I worked as a consultant for several educational institutes around the world, helping to set up schools, writing policy papers and carrying out qualitative research, for example.


Alongside my educational consulting, I initiated social entrepreneurship ventures. I created a travelling art gallery where children around the world shared their vision of the future with their peers around the globe. I initiated creative summer camps for children in Germany. In 2011, I opened up a social bakery to empower women.


In 2013, I founded Kiddify; a global platform for children to share their skills and knowledge with each other.


I am now ready to share my stories with the world because I have to. I believe that everything and everyone is connected, and that we all have far more things in common than we have differences. I would like to inspire children to reflect and understand just how inextricably linked we all are to each other and to our planet.

If individuals acted and thought from this standpoint of connection, I truly believe that the world would be a much more peaceful and harmonious place.


My Latest Projects


Bobby the Bear is an explorer on a mission to see what treasures he can find in the world. On his travels, he discovers the treasure of friendship in the most unlikely of places. P.D.Jackson inspires readers to focus on our commonalities in this lyrical adventure.

The Secret Ingredient

Bim and Bop need to find the secret ingredient for their Mum’s Birthday today. But, what does it look like, and where shall they find it? Geza from Kenya, Stefano from Sicily, Paelyn from China and Marley from Jamaica all give them hints. But will they find it on time?